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  1. Hopefully the CL-2 will address some issues... Hey I've got it--take a Q2 and let it take interchangeable lenses and badge it CL2.
  2. Dave and I had an interesting discussion about adjusting from the relatively instant rangefinder focal plane shutter (and 4x5 between the lens shutter) to the inherent shutter lag in DSLRs. It threw off our sports timing of peak action--the decisive event!--and we had to adjust.
  3. All photos hand held available light (Leica style). I had the Summilux and Summicron but I knew it would be close quarters so I went with the 18mm lens. I'm back in the spectator bleachers so these images are cropped somewhat. The kit 18mm lens is sharp and imho underrated and underused. David Black on the left, Scott Kelby on the right.
  4. My Last Hurrah! As an ex-sports photographer and photojournalist back in the age of film (is anybody ever an 'ex'?) I want to share these candid shots taken with the Leica CL and 18mm lens at Kelby One studios, Oldsmar, Florida. This was my first public outing with this combo. I volunteered to be part of an audience at Kelby One when Scott Kelby videotaped an interview with Dave Black, famous Nat Geo and Sports Illustrated sports photographer. I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible not really knowing how [we] were going to fare. Ego you know, and everybody around was a serious photographer. Well the combo performed splendidly, me included. All photos ISO 800, f/2.8, shutter 1/20s (audience), 1/160s (pre interview sound check), 1/50s (post interview Q and A) respectively.
  5. sorry--messed up maybe these can be deleted...
  6. BJ I love your photographs they look like old masters' paintings...
  7. Dave, I'm impressed with the sharpness of these pictures. Could you tell me what lens you used, I can't quite make it out in the reflection in the bird's eye.
  8. Please excuse me for butting in, but that lens is very tempting from its specs. For the CL, would it have auto exposure, auto focus and O.I.S.? The Lumix Pro S series is supposed to be to Leica specs? Hmmm...
  9. From WWII Victory Ship model shoot this weekend. We had 39 photographers and 34 models. Twelve of them were "The Bomber Girls" and twelve were "The Luscious Ladies" (search on Facebook) from all over the country. A good time was had by all. This model was doing a Marilyn Monroe look. CL w/ 60.
  10. Dogs don't wear clothes in Florida. 🙂Except holidays and birthdays.
  11. Just me--I was in shorts and t-shirt. But that's another gallery. Seriously, occasionally there are male models at the Meetup shoots I attend, but not that day. This coming weekend there is a shoot on the Victory ship berthed in Tampa harbor.
  12. I know you want more. Here's another. The CL looks smallish compared to the usual medium format and DSLRs and lenses used for high-end portraits but I proved to myself it'll do the job. I can enlarge to 18x20". I want my subject pin-sharp and background like a Monet painting. Because the CL focusses so well my keeper rate is the highest it's ever been.
  13. I took the CL along to a model shoot at an old Cuban cigar-making building in Ybor City (part of Tampa). TL 35 1.4 all shot at f/1.4, inside shot with Leica Flash SF 60. I know bottom shot is cliché but I'm checking bokeh of Summilux.
  14. Thank you, bherman01545. That's a good idea to try, too. I will look around in my filter collection.
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