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M8.* Collectors' Item


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Just collating the comments I've read:

that the M9 could have succeeded better with fewer than 18MP;

that it's made less than strident gains in image quality (noise vs detail, bigger enlargements aside);

that the application of a thicker IR filter may not have obviated the use of UV-IR filters in all cases - and that cyan drift remains a problem;

that the higher IR sensitivity in the M8 could actively appeal to B&W shooters;

that the M9 viewfinder actually doesn't make the use of wide angle lenses any easier:

and the emerging idea that the M8 could actually be sharper at high ISOs due to the M9's use of in camera noise reduction.


Despite the clear advantages of the M9 which are comprehensively discussed elsewhere, could the M8.* actually develop a willing and lasting following among those who could afford to upgrade to the M9 but opt out.


Then there's the cosmetics which, let's face it, are important to a big chunk of Leica fans, and the M8, black and silver, got chrome.


Just thinking out loud.



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My beautiful chrome M8 may be available in approx 18 months (When the warranty runs out.). Any interested buyers of this collectors item, may place a non-refundable deposit of €10,000 with me, to secure an option to purchase it at that time. :D

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I suspect that a good chunk of those people who dumped their M8's for the new M9 in time will have second thoughts about their decision. As your very well grounded points become more obvious to the general public, M8 demand will go up. The M8 remains a relevant camera, especially for those of us who truly love B&W photography. I'm still very happy to have made the decision to keep mine and not relegate it to a second category.

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Some reasons to keep your M8:

One point I noted is that the M9 produces the same image quality as the M8, but with more pixels, as the size of the sensor is bigger. Basically the distance between two pixels is the same between the M8 and M9, so you will not get more details per mm2 with your M9 than with your M8. The M9 images will request less enlargement than the M8ones, but this is only necessary if you really need wide angles images. I still need to try the M8 for IR pictures (I have a IR filter to block all colours but the IR). For this kind of picture, the M9 will of course not been able to compete with the M9.

This will justify the M8 for still a long period of time.


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