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photobank or netbook?


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Hi guys..

next month i'll be shooting in Peru to make some commissioned pictures and off course a personal work.


For commissioend i'm shooting digital (5dmk2)

and for my project off course i'll be shooting M6...


The question is:


how am i going to store the digital pictures?


I was wondering to take some sort of portable HD... but then i realized that it costs as much as an Acer aspire netbook with 160gb of space!!!!


i've always been reluctant on buying portable hd.. because you're never 100% sure you saved the datas entirely...and i'm scared of getting corrupted files...

also a netbook, is very small and gives me the chance to look at the files...


SO , what would you do if you were me?


thank you all!

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I'd take the notebook, but I'd also take another medium. Even if only a stack of DVDs or an external USB drive. I would not be comfortable with one storage location, and would keep them separate.


I traveled all over Peru a couple years ago and can tell you that theft is a serious concern, even from quality hotel rooms.



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We bought an Acer just for travelling. I'm typing on it right now and actually enjoy the size very much. It doesn't have a disc drive if you need that. Our friends were in Peru 2 months ago and had an incident with robbers. Someone smashed the van window and grabbed a purse from a women's lap, which contained her passport. It was extremly upsetting to all and a lot of trouble for her. Just be cautious with your camera and other valuables.

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For my MacBook I have chosen for a SSD-storage. That is a static microchip storage without moving parts. Could be a good choice for a hard trip.

Of course SSD doesn't have the eternal life, things happen sometimes.

On the other side the disc in my SE/30 runs since 20 years now without any head crash.


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