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  1. Looking through the archive yesterday and found this of my wife in Delhi, 1979. Still have the Rolleiflex 3.5F.
  2. Blurb wants CMYK. I output TIFFs from Lightroom, then bring into Photoshop, desaturate, and convert to CMYK. https://support.blurb.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026993072-Preparing-black-and-white-images-for-Adobe-InDesign-or-Blurb-s-PDF-Uploader-workflows
  3. This might help: https://archivehistory.jeksite.org/chapters/appendixc.htm#_Toc326155574 Looks like the max. real resolution you'll get is 1262, which you'll get at 2300. If this is right, scanning any higher will just give bloated files. John
  4. Last night Chicagoland got its first significant white stuff. M246 | ZM 50 Planar.
  5. Just got a used M246 and am in learning mode. With ZM 50 Planar. --John
  6. Yeah, I suspect it's normal. Try underexposing in LV and the LCD really goes wild. My GR III has no flicker and my X-Pro has a little, but nothing compared to the Monochrom. I'll adjust to it. Thanks again. John
  7. Thanks, but it's there with any light, even the fireplace. I think it there all the time but more obvious in contrasty situations. John
  8. Friends, I just got a used M246 and would appreciate input from those who own one. In Live View when I half-press the shutter, the LCD displays the image but with undulating waves, like static waves. It's more obvious when pointing at a light area in a dark room, but I believe it always present. Is this normal? Thank you. John
  9. Ball in River | Rollei 3.5F | HP5+
  10. Yeah, so different from the Holga. Not sure about this high quality look and if I will keep the camera. But I'll give it a while. Another from my first walkabout:
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