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Adapter/extension tube for Summicron-m 1:2/90 ASPH ?


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Does Leica produce an adapter for the summicron-m 90 ASPH lens for taking images at a 1:1 ratio or at least more magnification than it already provides? I would like to use the lens for intra-oral photography.


The short answer is 'no'.


The only way to use the 90mm Asph Summicron for close-up photography would be via the Visoflex reflex attachment. The Visoflex in effect becomes an extension tube and you will be able to focus / frame the lens on its ground glass. Because the M Leica is a rangefinder camera, its close-focusing abilities are rather limited. Even the current Macro-Elmar f;4/90mm would not provide the magnification you desire.


I am not sure if you are familiar with the Visoflex or, which M body you are using. A simple Google or eBay search with 'Visoflex' as the key word will provide you with a wealth of information.





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I tried a 50 aka 70 for intraoral photography. The focal length is far too short. That means that the perspective is all wrong. The incisors will be dominant and the molars too small. The shortest focal length for this work is at least 90 mm, preferably 135 (considering the 1.33 crop) i.e between 135 and 180 on full frame.And it is hard to use a ringflash on the combo. Better use a Nikon or Canon with a dedicated ringflash with TTL.

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Trying to do "SLR" things with a rangefinder is like trying to haul furniture in a Miata or a Z3.


It is probably possible to come up with a way to do it, but realistically, there is a reason why SLRs exist and have far outpaced RFs in the marketplace.


Sometimes you just need a pickup truck.


The 90 APO is available in an SLR mount and will fit the DMR/R9 digital body, or on Canon bodies via adapter, full-frame or cropped, with or without extension tubes, if you are really hooked on that piece of glass.

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Correct - and this is a specialized field. Even the Medical Nikkor, despite its built-in flash is not ideal, as it is only 135 mm, and does not stop down to 32. That is what you need for sufficient DOF.

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Wow, I'm pretty sure that I couldn't fit the business end of a Summicron 90/2 APO asph into my mouth for 'intra oral' work! :o


It just so happens that I've recently been experimenting with a Visoflex III + Bellows II + 16596 adaptor + 90AA so in theory it could be done but the front element needs to be within about 100 mmm (4 inches in real money) and the depth of focus is extremely shallow. The results have a distinct 'lens baby' look to them although for certain subjects it's not unattractive but I suspect for clinical oral photography it's not the desired result. The flower below was about 1 inch across.





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