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In a window on West 32nd street, too early this morning. I greatly prefer #1, but incldued #2 for reference.


We used to refer to our twin nieces Cheryl and Sharon, when they were quite little, as the Boops, though I don't know why.

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Jaap - thank you.


Andy - No doubt #2 detracts from #1. For just running around town I'll continue to use the PanaLeica C-Lux, just because of portability. For other things of late I have been using the D2 (see the recent photos in the Family section of our site), but nothing with the DMR of late. At this moment the DMR/R8 is in Leica-NJ, being packed to come back to me, in plenty of time to go to Africa. It turns out that the contacts on the battery itself (actually all three of my batteries) had oxidized some, and since the battery gets no wiping action going in and out, the oxides can build up. And don’t forget that the batteries visited Borneo last year, much of it in SCUBA locations, so having better weather sealing would have been useful (see Sean Reid’s M8 comments). Regular cleaning of the battery contacts will become part of my maintenance program.

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