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Exile on Hollywood Blvd


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Imagine my surprise, I got up early to catch a bit of today's morning fog.. on the corner of Highland and Hollywood Blvd there is a guy in the middle of the street photographing his bike.. (a eXile motorbike)


Im pretty sure this is NOT recommended by the traffic officer



That's a Exile alright.



Posing the bike



Innocent bystanders - a couple from Australia getting a kick out of Hollywood Blvd on Jan 1 2009



A few more shots at Zenfolio | Bo Lorentzen | 2009-01-01 Fog M8 in LA


M8 35mm 1.4 nokton @160


Motorbikes :: e x i l e ::

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Thank you,


I was quite puzzled and as a motorbiker its always a little strange to see a guy on the ground behind a motorbike. interestingly since this IS hollywood, after about 5 minutes a cop car pulled up and beeped the horn, then proceeded to tell us how nice a bike it was and that the traffic was picking up so this was a good time to move a little. Happy new Year to the officer.

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Tenor1 Thank you and happy New Year.


Wls... oh yeah nice bike, actually its exile parts, but the guy designed and build it him self over a couple of years.


Ruben, Thank you, yes very nice bike. I have always liked the exile look, maybe when I win the lottery.


He He. I figures the Australians was on total jet-lack so the redbull made perfect sense.


Happy New Year.

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