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Leica Summmicron-M

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I am a little stuck.. I bought a 50mm Summicron-M lens in late 2005 from a photo.net user. The lens has worked great but I have found I prefer the longer focal lengths. So I will be letting go of the 50 - and a 35mm later on.


I don't know a lot about Leica lenses and I want to make sure I described it correctly when I sell it. I know people are a lot fussier than I am when making such purchases so I want to make sure I get it right. When I bought the lens it was described as the "latest version", but I would like to be a little less vague, if possible.


Can anybody here point me to a site or information where I can make sure I describe the lens and its variation correctly? Is there away to get the age of the lens from the serial no.?

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Guest leica_mage

It is indeed the 'current' version, and if you want to be ultra-precise you can describe it as Version IV according to the Leica Pocket Book (7th Ed.) and the Leica Collectors' Guide (2nd Ed.) (both Dennis Laney). It came into production in 1979 as the outcome of a redesign by Mandler. In 1994 the only thing that was altered was the adoption of the telescopic hood, which is why some list this as Version V, which is wrong as there was no change optically speaking.


Product code for your version with the telescopic hood is 11826 for black anodised and 11816 for silver chrome.

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