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my introduction

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Hello, my name is Chris, 54 y.o., from Konstanz in the very south of Germany, just in the border to Switzerland.

I'm into photography since I was ~16 y.o., mostly using Nikon then and then again, since my wife is a Nikon shooter, because lens synergies etc. Well, there was a Fujifilm phase, too, I really liked the retro style and the XPro3 was my favourite.

Then my wife bought a used Q2 that I picked up from the seller in Berlin, and a bit later I got myself an M240, to try the whole rangefinder focussing thing. A bit later my wife upgraded to a Q3, I inherited the Q2, and for my last birthday I gifted myself a used M11. That's where I am now.

Earlier this year the plan was to downgrade my gear, get rid of unused cameras and lenses and only leave the Nikon stuff. Well, that plan failed.

What do I use my cameras for? Of course whenever we are on vacation, a lot of landscape, a bit of street, a bit of animals. On normal days I always carry a camera with me on my way to work and back, taking pictures of weather situations. After doing a bit of Lightroom library analysis I apparently have a thing for abstract things, too - whatever catches my eye.

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Your story reads a bit like mine, although I am a bit older. My first reflex camera was the Nikon FE in 1978 and I stayed with Nikon till 2009 when I replaced my Nikon D70 with a used Leica Digilux 2. I basically never looked back. In hindsight this old 5MP camera was for Leica what the Q range is now. It still has a fan club today, look at this Leica Digilux 2 distinctive look. thread if you want to learn more. This was my gateway drug into Leica. Soon after I bought an old M2 to try out rangefinders and in 2011 I bought a used M8. I still believe that the M range delivers the best IQ in a pocketable package. It is smaller than the Q with tiny lenses like the Summilux, Summicron, Summarit, Elmarit 28/35/40 mm series.

I became fascinated with the 100 year old range of excellent lenses (and gear) that Leica produced since 1930. This was new to me because I did not connect in the same way with Nikon.

If I would need to downsize my camera collection, I would keep/buy any LV capable Leica M with an EVF and a set of M and R lenses.

YMMV of course.



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