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Non-Leica 50mm Recommendation

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9 hours ago, PeterGA said:

Higher megapixel cameras like the SL2 allow for cropping - so the flexibility of focal length choice increases if perspective change does not detract from your end composition. 

I have moved my preference from 50 to 35 to 28 and wider for 'street' photography in order to maximise the benefit of a wider field of view without necessarily sacrificing required resolution for a final print if I decide to crop - even significantly eg I like to shoot in XPan crop mode on the SL2 which allows for a 25MP final size file after the significant crop is employed.

APO designated lenses  maximise the detail that can be captured by higher resolving sensors - the L mount Summicrons have become the 'benchmark' lenses form Leica. These lenses are outstanding but come at the 'cost' of size ( and dollars). In M mount APO Leica's 50  and 35  are close enough to the performance of the L mount APO lenses as to make them the same - the (significant) benefit  for smaller size comes at the cost of not having auto focus and almost double the price.

If you are interested in and can use the resolving power of APO lenses for your landscape work and are interested in spending a lot less money for (in real world use) similar if not same results to Leica M APO lenses - you will not likely be disappointed with the Voigtlander 50 APO Lanthar or the 35 APO or the 28 Ultron Version 2 - all f2 lenses .

That said I have failed to come across a very poor performing lens from any manufacturer for a very long time - and both Sigma and Panasonic as mentioned previously offer very good alternatives in your chosen focal length preferences to the higher cost Leica benchmark lenses - if you want to maintain autofocus capability when using your SL2.


Any thoughts on the Voigtlander 35mm f/2 Ultron II vs 35 APO?

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2 hours ago, kmonroe99 said:

Any thoughts on the Voigtlander 35mm f/2 Ultron II vs 35 APO?

I have a copy of the ultron it is a nice compact small lens - but nothing like my 35 Summicron in L mount between f 2 and f4 - I don't have the CV 35 apo in mount because I have the 35 APO Summicron in L mount - I cant comment from experience regarding the CV 35 APO in M mount - others say it performs very well.

If you are shooting street with an aperture of f5.6- f11 - the differences between any of these lenses is reduced to not very relevant. If you are more landscape you will see and appreciate the greater detail capture ability of the APO lenses irrespective of maker.

Here is a snap I took today with the 50 APO Lanthar at f11 zooming in I can read the paper she was reading in full resolution file.

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