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The color on my Q2 is way off…too orange. How do I fix?

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More details needed.

Are you shooting raw/.dng or .jpgs? What kind of lighting? What White Balance setting are you using, under what conditions?

An overall orange/brown color usually means the white balance is too high in "degrees Kelvin."

It is correcting for a blue cast that doesn't really exist - for example, using "Cloudy" or "Shade" on a sunny day.

Or using "AUTO" white balance when in the shade - you saw "blue," but the camera is balancing that so that the whites are white and not bluish, warming up the whole picture.

Or using "AUTO" white balance in light that is, in fact, very orange (such as from man-made lights indoors) - and beyond the capability of the "AUTO" to correct for.

The good news is that if you shoot raw/.dng, there is a slider in your post-processing software that allows setting any white-balance you want (more blue/less orange) over quite a wide range - once the picture is in your computer.

Example (M10 photo, .DNG, exact same picture with different WB settings used).

Another example, under indoor "warm LED" lights. The manual correction was done in processing the .DNG, by clicking the white-balance sampler tool on one of the "white" books.

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vor 5 Stunden schrieb Warren Guthrie:

Color is off for photos and video.  Too brown / orange.  Is this  setting? How do I fix it??

Capture One had a problem to render Q2 photos correctly and left a orange color.

What editing program are you using and are the import settings correct?


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