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Leica M6 TTL Haze in side focus view.

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On 3/2/2018 at 12:36 PM, gurioste said:

Hi all. I came across this post while searching about a similar issue, my M6 TTL is a brand new (new old stock) purchased last week. The camera is indeed pristine, with box and all papers etc, but today I noticed something weird at the finder window (on the inside), which initially looked like fog, but after using a flashlight to have a closer look, it seems to be something else. Can anybody tell what it is? Picture below.




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Posted (edited)

Hello Taokub,

Welcome to the Forum.

I am not sure what the cause of the apparent haze is in the photo that you provided is but some people find M6 (And some other M cameras.) prone to having problems when focusing in certain types of bright light. I think that if you were to ask any Moderator (Pick whichever 1 you like. They are all nice & they are all helpful.). They might be able to move this Thread to the Film Leica Camera Section of this Forum. I think that then you will find a number of helpful suggestions from a variety of perspectives from a number of people.

By the way, to pick a Moderator all that you have to do is "click" the Avatar of any person who's Avatar says "Moderator". The 2 stars that you will see are just decorations. They are not reflective of types of Moderators

Best Regards,


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12 hours ago, taokub said:


I would say that there is protective foil on it.

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