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  1. Hello hektor, English, 1920's? Best Regards, Michael
  2. Hello Paul, Some clock people in some parts of the Planet might disagree with some of that type of a perspective. Best Regards, Michael
  3. Hello ljskot, As per Pete's suggestion, just above, you might try holding & focusing the camera & the lens from underneath with your left hand while holding the shutter release side of the camera with your right hand. With your right index finger on the shutter release. Best Regards, Michael
  4. Hello ljskot, Welcome to the Forum, All Leitz/Leica "M" cameras have a built in diopter correction of - 0.5 in the range/viewfinder window that needs to be taken into account if a person is considering an additional diopter correction to help with their vision. A diopter is a corrective lens that attaches to, or is built into, a camera's viewing system & does the same thing that a pair of glasses does. In terms of current production: Leica diopters only adjust for nearsightedness or/& farsightedness. Previously there were lenses that also corrected for astigmatism. The lenses to correct astigmatism are not currently being produced. What is it exactly that you are having trouble doing with the camera as it is now? Do you usually focus a camera while wearing glasses? Best Regards, Michael
  5. Hello Stuart, Could this be British from the 1940's? Best Regards, Michael
  6. Hello Viv, Dublin is correct. Did you recognize the small wind farm also? Any ideas about Lelmer's photo in Post #6204, just above? Best Regards, Michael
  7. Hello Tom, I think that all of the photos are very nice. Especially the first 1. "Artistic License", you know. Painters do it on a regular basis. Go to any museum & look around for a while .Sometimes painters do this, for example, when they are painting landscapes. They might like a scene very much but what they like may be different at different times of the day, as the Sun travels across the sky. So, sometimes, they might paint a tree "over there" only in the morning. Because they like how the angle to the Sun shows it off. And then they may paint another tree "somewhere else in the scene" only in the afternoon. Because of the angle of the Sun at that time. Just before the Pandemic, in early 2020, I went to a gallery opening where 1 of the paintings that was 1 of the foci of the show, was a landscape where the painter showed a Sunny day with shadows indicating that the Sun in that painting was coming from about 5 (five) different directions at the same time. It is a very nice painting. Artistic license. By the way, I think that Pete's idea of "flipping the elephant" in Picture #1 might look nice. Tip of the trunk pointing to the sky & all. Best Regards, Michael
  8. Hallo Thomas, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Grusse, Michael
  9. Hello Lelmer, Perhaps Germany? Best Regards, Michael
  10. Hello Lelmer, Could we be somewhere in or near Belgium? Best Regards, Michael
  11. Hello Everybody, To anyone who might be reading this who might have the earlier version of the 35mm f1.4 Summilux that takes E41 filters: That lens takes an A46.5 lens cap 14078 even tho the filter size is E41. This means that if you have a 13360 E41 swing out polarizing filter that works fine with your 50mm f1.5 Summarit which also takes E41 filters: The 13360 will not fit on your early version 35mm f1.4 Summilux. Because the 50mm f1.5 Summarit takes an A43 lens cap 14035. Best Regards, Michael
  12. Hello ramarrren, I would suggest that you wipe away as much of the oil/grease that you can now that the 2 pieces are separated. The purpose of these lubricants is to lessen friction on surfaces that move on a regular or intermittent basis. Such as in bearings. Leaving lubricants on the threads of something that simply opens to add or to take out a filter & then closes will just attract dust. etc. And the presence of lubricants may well lead to the 2 pieces loosening when you might not want them to. Best Regards, Michael
  13. Hello lct, You are correct about Version 2. The Version 2 has no filter thread. The Version 1 has an E41 thread as per Arnaud's Post just above. Best Regards, Michael
  14. Hello Everybody, The dividing line is: Up to & including # 2166700 - use E41 screwed into the thread on the lens. Then use lens hood 12522. Beginning with # 2166701 - use Series VII filter inside of 12504 lens hood, as per Arnaud's Post just above. Best Regards, Michael
  15. Hello John, Citroen, 1978? Best Regards, Michael
  16. Hello Everybody, A historical record (The photo.) should reflect the actual circumstances. Which, in this instance, is a person wearing a watch who is smoking a cigarette. Best Regards, Michael
  17. Hello Brent,, I think that, that is a very nice photo just as it is. Best Regards, Michael
  18. Hallo Zusammen, Diese ist ein 50mm f2 APO Summicron. Die 50mm Summicron-M geht 10 / 5 / 3 meter und so weiter. Auch 25 / 10 / 6 feet und so weiter. Die 50mm APO Summicron geht 5 / 3 / 2 meter und so weiter. Auch 15 / 8 / 6 feet und so weiter. Grusse, Michael
  19. Hello Arnaud, Here you could meter the dark ground in between the 2 white buildings & underneath the white fence above. Then set the camera at 1.5 stops less exposure so that if the meter read f5.6 @ 1/250 then you would set the camera to f9.5 @ 1/250. Or, if the building in the back is most important: You could meter the white wall on the left & add 2.5 stops so that if the meter read f5.6 @ 1/250 you set the camera to f2.4 @ 1/250. Best Regards, Michael
  20. Hello Arnaud, If I was walking down that street the exposure would be set on the camera before the potential photo appeared. External meters are easier for that. Just the push of a button & the "click" of an aperture wheel or shutter speed dial once in a while. Best Regards, Michael
  21. Hello Arnaud, Easy. Meter off the sidewalk to the left of the 2 people & then add 1 stop of exposure . So that if the meter reads f5.6 @ 1/250: Set the camera to f4 @ 1/250. Best Regards, Michael
  22. Hello Zeitz, Hopefully Free Public Museums in general, Worldwide, will be funded more & expanded, as per your suggestions. Museums are an important aspect of Public Education that deserves a bigger input in funding. And, it would be nice if 105 ended up in the Leica Museum. Best Regards, Michael
  23. Hello David, A meter can actually save a person time & money by reducing the number of improperly exposed images & lessening the need for bracketing. I use a meter & whether or not I like the content of a photo I have almost no improperly exposed images. Including purposely lighter & purposely darker, etc. images. I rarely bracket unless I want a variety of exposures to choose from. Best Regards, Michael
  24. Hello David, Did you know that back in the 20th Century it was possible to buy 35mm film in 12 exposure cartridges? Among other lengths. Best Regards, Michael
  25. Hello Zeitz, That is a very good question. Clearly, as a National Park, they should not. Best Regards, Michael
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