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Lyon One Challenge - Vote Now

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It gives me great pleasure to share with the Forum, all of the entries received from the participants in the recent Lyon One Challenge.

Please vote here for your THREE favourites. Anyone voting for fewer than three shots will have their votes discounted. No voting for yourself, obviously!

Edit: For your votes to count, you need to actually post your votes and not "Thank" or "Like" a particular entry. Thanks.

Please give 3 points to your favourite, 2 points to the next and 1 point for the third and make it absolutely clear which shot you are voting for.


Photo 78 - 3 points
Photo 93 - 2 points
Photo 56 - 1 point


There are 22 shots to choose from.

The voting will remain open until 22:00 GMT on 18/11/2018

The overall winner, with the most votes, will win the prize money of €220. I will send this via PayPal to make it easy for everyone.

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5 Bloody-cut-baby-and-smiling-father…father-wipe-that-smile,-wait-till-the-mother-sees-her-crying-baby


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