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Using yellow filter without internal lightmeter


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I use M3 which has no internal exposure meter. When I use a yellow filter (for b&w photo), do I need to adjust (overexpose 1 stop?) my shot? Sorry for this basic question, it has been long time I've never used a film camera, and this time without lightmeter inside.


Many thanks in advance


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Your yellow filter should have come with instructions on what the filter factor is for you to use. Most of mine used to be K2, which meant about 1 additional stop of exposure. How relevant is 1 stop with modern B&W films, which tend to have much more latitude than earlier films? Only you can tell by testing your film, filter, camera combination. Generally, if you're not up to running a precise test, just take a shot with the filter attached at normal indicated exposure, and one with an additional stop. Choose what you like best and apply it going forward. And then get a good book on exposure and read up on the topic to learn the nuances.

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Most yellow filters need half a stop or one stop. Black and White film has a lot of latitude, however, my recommendation would be to use this latitude for overexposure*, if in doubt.


Filter factors translate to these apertures:

1 Aperture: ±0

1,5 Aperture: +½

2 Aperture: +1

2,5 Aperture: +1 ¾

3 Aperture: +1 ½

3,5 Aperture: +1 ¾

4 Aperture: +2

5 Aperture: +2 ¼

6 Aperture: +2 ½

8 Aperture: + 3

10 Aperture: + 3 ¼





*For development, it is advisable to use shorter development times, if in doubt (temperature,...)

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