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And the winner is...


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Advertisement (gone after registration)

...no doubt and with increadable

30pts Suuumm55 + Capa Paso Doble


the seconds are with

8pts Carylwithay + Daffodil

8pts eckart + spring promenade


the thirds are with

6pts Ellie + Colorful

6pts Joergse + April macht was er will


the fourth is with

5pts buranca


the fifth is with

4pts Cederic + march blossom


the sixth is with

3pts mikren + the help of flowers


the seventh is with

2pts farnz + three flowers


Thank you all very much for taking the time to take the pictures and for being so kind to vote.

Congrats to our winner



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Congratulations to the winner for her marvellous and nicely titled shot!

And to all partecipants for their beautiful submissions, too.

A big thank you (I have to take example...) to eckart for managing the challenge



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Good Morning from Germany


first thanks at carylwithay for his idea and eckart for his realization !


i am very glad and thank you very much at all for voting my capa and congratulations at the others winners

i hope my picture elated, for this reason more poeple in the next time to experience !

that´s my wish


so, thanks a lot at all again !

Edited by Suuumm55
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.....(I have to take example...) ..../quote]


I am not so sure about that. I n the German section some of the members have been really upset with my kind of advertising and were really angry to me.

I know I have been load, but I didn't try to sell them anything, I just tried to wake them up to be one of the poster or at least one of the voters.

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