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Tested "good" SD card poll for M9


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In spite of good intentions, I think this is a useless exercise without exact information about the date and batch numbers of the cards that work. Knowing the manufacturer is not good enough. I've seen other devices over the past 10 years which had problems with certain cards and it depended on the batch number, not just the labeling on the package.


Cards that have worked for me, flawlessly on the M9:


2-4 year old cards, used many times on other cameras before using on the M9 (and yes, reformatting in the M9)

- Sandisk Ultra II 4 GB

- Sandisk Ultra II 8 GB

- Kingston class 4 4 GB


Cards that have caused problems:

- recent purchase, new Sandisk Ultra 8 GB

- recent purchase new Sandisk Ultra 16 GB


So, the fact that it is Sandisk Ultra doesn't guarantee anything. For me, the older ones are fin and the newer are different. And, no these are NOT fake cards. All these cards are bought from reliable, big stores.



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Why are you folks insisting that your cards are the real thing when I just posted a thread

supplying my research that NOBODY knows a fake from the real thing and something like

40% of the name brand phonies are being sold as the real thing. I mentioned that the fakes are so good that San Disk experts have been taken in. This is why I supplied the info

that you can indeed buy DIRECTLY from the SanDisk website.

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I know where my card is coming from:




Dear Rip Tragle,


Thank you for ordering from SanDisk on July 9, 2011. Please be advised that the following product(s) has/have shipped and your credit card has now been charged. If one or more of the items you ordered are on backorder, they will be shipped to you as soon as they are available under separate cover at no additional shipping cost to you. If we are not able to fill your backorder, you will receive an order cancelation notification. Backordered products are not charged to your credit card until they are shipped to you.


Product SKU *Product Name *****************************

Qty Ordered *Qty Shipped *Total Qty Shipped *Amount


3876587 *****SanDisk Extreme® SDHC™ Card 30MB/s 8GB ****

1 ***********1 ***********1 *****************$109.92 ****



Shipping Information

Product Name ******************************

Serial Number ***********Tracking Number **********


SanDisk Extreme® SDHC™ Card 30MB/s 8GB ****

None ********************1Z40V6390396591554 (United Parcel Service)

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