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  1. I use a Sekonic 758DR with my Leica M9.
  2. Hi, Something to read for everybody: Sekonic Classroom - What Is a Histogram?
  3. Hi Soo, It´s a very nice and stunning picture.
  4. SanDisk Extreme Pro 16 GB, 45 MB / sec. No problems with firmware 1.162.
  5. Hi Mnutzer, I agree with Paul 100%.
  6. MA-Sweden


    Hi, A panorama (4 pictures) of a little church in Kristianstad, Sweden.
  7. Hej Stig / Hi Stig, Underbara bilder. Min favorit är nummer 4. / Wonderful pictures. My favorite is number 4.
  8. Hi Bill, An excellent image.
  9. Hi Holger, I agree with Paul 99%, because my favorite is number 4.
  10. Hi, New releases from X-Rite. X-Rite: Get exactly the color you need, every time, anywhere in the world.
  11. Hi K-H, Very nice pictures. I like the picture in color best.
  12. Hi Thomas, I agree with Paul 100%.
  13. Hi Tri, A very nice photo. I really like your processing of the photo.
  14. Hi Holger, Lovely photographs.
  15. Hi Henry, This is a series of magnificent and stunning pictures.
  16. Hi Tri, Two beautiful pictures, and my favourite is the coloured picture. Very good.
  17. Hi Kokoshawnuff, I agree with Karl-Albert 100%. Did you use tripod when you took the picture?
  18. Hi Tri, I agree with K-Hawinkler 100%. Very nice picture.
  19. Hi washington, I agree with Paul 100%. Very intresting and nice pictures.
  20. Hi Co Morriën, Very nice pictures. Picture number 3 is my favourite.
  21. Hi Peyton, It´s a lovely picture with very nice colors.
  22. Hi K-Hawinkler, It´s a lovely picture with great colors and sharpness.
  23. Hi, I solved it my self. It´s a combination; ALT + 124
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