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X1 v GF1 or M8

Nick De Marco

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I don't really need to buy another camera at all

But I was interested in the X1. However early revew of it, the specs, and the high price has put me off.


On the other hand the Panasonic DMC-GF1 12.1mp & 20mm F1.7 ASPH lens, for £800, looks like a good option. I like the look of the camera, early reports are that it performs well (but has anyone heard something different), it has interchangeable lenses but the 20 is nice and small, fast and would be nice I reckon.


I already have a Panasonic Lux 3 which is very underused (it's not a bad camera, but if I want digital I often prefer to take out my 5DII anyway). The big problem with all these compacts is noise, and I don't expect the GF1 will be as good as a Canon DSLR on this, but then I was not happy with M8 for noise, and I doubt the X1 will be better.


If I thought a used M8 would soon be avialable for less than £1000 I guess that would be my preferred option though - and I would use it in a similar fashion - not so much in low light but otherwsie when I want a small (ish) non film camera for street shooting.

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This is like comparing a Porsche Cayman, Honda Accord and BMW X6. Which would you prefer? I'd use the M8 when I am serious, the X1 at a party and the GF1 if it was inexplicably the only thing in my hand and Scarlett Johansson suddenly stripped in front of me. :D

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ha ha...


Seriously though, efftee, I take your point about the M8 being different, but do you really think the X1 is going to out perform significantly the GF1, and if so why?


Nick, like I said, you can't really compare the X1 and GF1; they are different cameras for different people. The X1 is (going to be) the best P&S this side of Andromeda. Superbly built, excellent optics and sports a DSLR size sensor. Other than the retarded write time experienced on a preproduction model that would be a real crippler (we'll see how much better the production units will be), it's the king of the hill that the DP1/2 built.


The GF1 is a wannabe system camera. It's probably going to give the EP1 a run for its money in a niche that I just don't understand. It's neither here nor there, or this nor that. I don't know if I should take m4/3 seriously or what. Maybe it's the perfect compromise for those times when a P&S is not enough and a proper DSLR/DRF is too much, but to me, it's a case of identity crisis.


To answer your question directly though -- yes, Nick, I do think the X1 is going to out-perform the GF1. Not just in the IQ dept (APS over m4/3), but which is debatable depending on whose loupe you're using. Rather, IMO, the X1 is simply the best camera in its class -- like that wagyu burger with foie gras filling. Mmm. The GF1, well, what can I say, some people just don't eat beef... ;)

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Indeed, I'd be holding a glass of very expensive champagne. What did you think I meant <grin>.


I think you'd better have your Leica with you to impress her!

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The X1 looks wonderful with a sensor 9x the size of my D-Lux 4, however, the one thing that intrigues me about the GF-1 is the interchangeable lenses, which the X1 does not have. I wish (1000x) that the X1 had interchangeable lenses, too!


That said, when I use my D-Lux 4, I probably use my zoom in 0.0000001% of all my shots, so for the type of shooting I do with a compact, the X1 might still be a good choice for me. I just wish the option to attach a zoom were there just in case I need it.

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Yes I want a small camera with a bigger sensor and lenses so I will try the GF1. Here is something that may interest a few its about sensors of all sizes including 4/3 and image quality.

I have the D-lux 4 and a M9 on order but there is a missing link that really may not have to be as good as leica for what I want to use it for.

Check this out and see what you think. Then compare sensor like that of the DL4 or the V-Lux1

Cheers Jan


Four Thirds system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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What if the X2 would be an X1 with a 90eq mm lens (in a short design), the X3 one with a 280eq mm lens (short design) and the X4 with 20eq mm?

Would the weight of these 4 cameras compared an M9 with 4 lenses be less or more?

The price ticket would be smaller.


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