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SH photo is advertising in Russian on the forum now.:confused: Anything to do with yesterday's little upset?


Maybe they have identified a new/lucrative market for Leica M sales. Given the mark-up on wine that my acquaintances in Sardinia add for the Russian market - they could probably sell 'special vintage' M9's for £20k a piece ;)

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Russia bought Opel lately from GM :)




That's funny, Canada claims the same thing::D


Opel was 'bought' from GM by Magna (a Canadian / Austrian auto parts manufacturer) and by Russian Sberbank. Sberbank also has ties to GAZ, one of the oldest Soviet vehicle manufacturers of rather dubious quality. The deal has not been completely approved by GM and the German government yet.


We may se an Opel Moskwitch or an Opel Volga yet!


As to parts of Europe having been bought by Russians, a typical example is the city of Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) in the Czech Republic - just about half of the hotels and businesses are now owned by the Russian mob......





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