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What did you do in the snow today?


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Firstly, apologies to our Northern European members, but we don't see the white stuff that often.


I walked through the fields close to where I live. They are bordered by a lovely broad leafed wood which in times gone by was used as a shooting estate. The trees were magnificent plastered with fresh snow. Interestingly, I am just reading F.S.Smythe's- Alpine Album at present and apart from the fact that my pictures did not have the Monte Rosa as as a backdrop it felt quite alpine. I am sure the M6 likes the snow after all Leica have a long pedigree of users who spent thier time in the high alps.


If you have not looked at Frank Smythe's work before here's a link


AbeBooks: Search Results - f.S.Smythe

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Well, I had to work from home, but decided to go out at lunchtime for a walk with my R3 and Pana-Clux. I've posted a few shots in the photo forums. The park was lovely, full of people having fun building snowmen, riding sledges and even one woman on her snowboard! It's how it should be.

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Sounds incredible. On this side of the globe we have had scorching summer temperatures of 30C/90F -- and it's been even hotter in Melbourne for the Aussie Open.


Of course Leicas thrive in extreme conditions, hot or cold. It's their owners who find the going tough.

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