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Film Modes

Herman Zhang

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Same conclusion here.

The only useful film or JPEG mode to me is the B&W one. Not necessarily because I use the end result on my computer, but because it shows me a preview in B&W. That can be very useful to judge the potential for the shot when i will convert the DNG to B&W. I always shoot in DNG+B&W.

JPEGs can be very good if the exposure is perfect, but a tweaked DNG will always be better. In most cases, exposure is not perfect because I mostly worry about focusing and framing + timing the shot. As long as the image is not over exposed the DNG will be flexible enough to adjust exposure. I hate having captured the perfect moment, perfect focus and then realize it is hopelessly over or under exposed. That will happen very easily with a JPEG, almost impossible with a DNG.

With the M9, I set it to base ISO 160, auto exposure to -0,7 and DNG+JPG or DNG only (if I do not need the B&W JPEG). Then exposure is the least of my worries. DNGs can recover from -4 stops of under exposure, JPGs can recover just 1 stop without issues.

This is true for every camera I owned in the last 20 years, even more so for all the M models.

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