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Q3 video formats grayed out

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Thanks to your questions, I've found the solution. I do use the new batteries supplied with the Q3. For the SD card, as I bought probably the fastest one available (Angelbird V90), I couldn't see what I could do better.

It was when I reformatted it in the Q3 a second time that the 8K choices appeared.

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To resolve this, follow these steps:

  1. Reset the camera from the main menu, it will turn off automatically, do not turn it on again
  2. Remove the SD card and battery from the camera
  3. Charge the battery to 100% (not 80%, not nearly 100%, fully to 100%), this is necessary (and may be repeated a few times) on new batteries. You may have to cycle it down to empty a few times as well (not more than 2-3)
  4. Format the SD card using the SD Association tool (https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter/) - do not use your camera or operating system tools to do this(!)
  5. Insert the SD card
  6. Insert the battery
  7. Turn the Q3 on and follow the initial setup instructions

This reliably solves the issue on two new Q3 cameras for me.

In addition, you must use the Q3 battery (not the Q2) and use a proper V90 card. The most reliable V90 cards are PNY XPRO, Kingston Canvas React Plus (no other Canvas card) and Angelbird AV Pro SD MK2 V90.

Especially the Sony SF-G64, Sony TOUGH-G (SF-G(T)), Toshiba Exceria Pro N101 and SanDisk Extreme Pro SDSDXP do not meet their target write speeds. This should not prevent you from selecting 8K as long as the card is detected as V90 but may lead to aborted recordings.

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18 minutes ago, ManSter420 said:

mine was the easiest solution ever

it was grey'd out and had few beer, passed out, woke up and it is no longer grey'd out (true story)

Not sure I understand.  Did you have a few beers or did the Q3 had a few beers???  ;) 

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