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EVF Sensor Driving me Nuts

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Got a used Leica Q2 a few weeks ago, so far loving the Q2 but got an odd issue with the EVF sensor.

When it put the EVF to my eye it immediately switches to EVF, but sometimes it gets "stuck" on EVF and won't switch back to LCD. Sometimes it works fine every time switching back and forth, but sometimes it will not switch back, but if you move the camera, it will eventually switch back.

Its set to auto, and yes, i have cleaned the EVF glass.

Now, if I set it to EVF extended, again it works when i put the EVF to my eye, but when i press the menu or playback buttons (which should appear on the LCD) the playback or menu appears in the EVF still.

Tried putting EVF sensitivity to low, but it makes it even less inclined to switch back to LCD.

Really doing my head in this one, any other suggestions?

It does look like a hardware issue with the sensor, but strange that it always works fine when switching TO the EVF. I could take it to Leica, but i guess they will need to send it to Germany and will be gone for three months, and no idea how much the repair would cost.


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The first thing I do when anything stops working, or is acting up, is reset the camera to factory settings, format my memory card to get rid of anything artifacts hiding on the card and start over with new settings.  This has taken care of any unusual behavior that the camera has demonstrated. 

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