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SD card locked message


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Hello again, two years later…

I have been using my M9 and it has been working well since it returned from Leica NJ, however about three weeks ago it again displayed the “FULL” and “SD card locked” messages. Like last time, the errors could be cleared by removing card and battery however the problem had been supposedly repaired and I am $410 lighter… The camera has been returned to Leica repair again. 
It’s a beautiful camera with a new late/sensor sensor installed by Leica and functions perfectly otherwise.

I’ll report on this after Leica Repair responds.

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On Feb 15, Leica repair quoted $750 to effect the same (as far as I know) repair they performed 3 years go for $410. I emailed asking them why the cost had increased so much and asked them for some consideration on the cost since this problem was “fixed” three years ago and is now reoccurring. The CS replied’ “There does appear to be more detailed work performed during this repair than the last. There is also an increase in the labor cost”. My request for consideration, a discount, was ignored. 
I am disappointed to have to have pay to fix the same problem fixed twice in three years, the second time at a 83% increase in cost.

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I received my M9 back from Leica NJ yesterday. I haven’t had an opportunity to fully test it for the “SD Card locked” or “Full” message as that problem seemed to be intermittent and might take a while to show up, if it shows at all, however haven’t seen it yet. Also, Leica Repair discounted the cost of repairing the problem to something much closer to the amount they charged three years ago. Pretty fair I would say.

My original concern was if the repair could be successfully done. Time will tell, but it looks good. I’m happy to have my M9 back in a reasonable time and (relatively) reasonable cost by Leica NJ.

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