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M8.2 help on lens and som info 🤗🤗

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Leica m8.2 hi all after losing my digilux 2 sensor problems😩so I am purchasing a m8.2 with no lens,Looking really forward to start shooting with although I’m not a professional lov photographe and Leica as always been there at the top.If I have too listen too my friends so it’s just dslr all the time I know there are some fantastic cameras out there for the price I just paid for the body but I really don’t care image wise on my digilux was fantastic.Going too the Isle of sky in September with my friend he as all the equipment canon rf 4 lens bag you name it but a tripod would be good to have question is will my m8 do the job,Back too the m8.2 what would be a good lens to start with,Sorry For  my bla bla Just seems now there is so much to read and look at photo wise fantastic thank you for your time and would really appreciate info stay home and stay safe 

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Depends on your styly of shooting. If you are a 50 mm person I would recommend a used and coded Summicron 35,  or a Summarit 35. if you like to go wider the Elmarit 28 is a terrific choice, higly recommended for landscape photography.


Don't forget to add the essential IR cut filters (B&W 486).

Forget about high-speed lenses - unless you are into razor-thin-DOF photography (and a longer focal length is usually more effective than a faster lens) or extremely low-light (Not an M8 forte, but exposing generously will give excellent results up to ISO 1600 nonetheless) , the slower lens is noirmally the higher-quality, smaller and cheaper choice.

A Leica M, BTW, is more of a hand-held camera than a tripod one by concept.

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Thank you been on your home page and yes a day or more would be fantastic to learn and get some help,No auto on m8 all manual But we all can learn I think I’m a golf professional so I’m good at my job like you are a pensioner now thou so doing something I like to do and Leica well it’s always been at the top,Thank you for the info on that lens that seems to be the one to buy on too eBay 😊Do you just do workshops for Leica or,

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