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DR Summicron on an M8

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SOMNI (Summicron DR) can be used on every M (film or digital) in RF close range to 48cm with SDPOO or 1m, without the close range SDPOO.

Warning for mounting/unmounting :

for digital M (from M8 onward), before mount/unmount, the focus ring must be set to about 1.5m... otherwise something may be broken.

Then the RF can be used to about 3-4m (depending on the digital M ) then the focus is blocked by the body,

not be able to use the lens farther.

Only with M10, some SOMNI can be used to infinity ( see this link ) but same warning for mount/unmount (set the lens to about 1.5m ).


Better idea...for digital M and RF close range...

The best way is to use only the optical cell of Summicron 50mm on SOMKY+ UOORF

this way nothing to take care of, this setup can be RF used on every Leica M from start.

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On my M10 the DR focus started getting tight (in truth a horrible feeling) way before infinity, so I think this might be critical to individual bodies. I know I would never again mount any DR on a M10 I owned . FWIW.

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