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Want to add TL to my setup

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Hi people. I am using SL and M9 bodies and 24-90 zoom plus Canon FD and Leica M manual lenses

Thinking about adding a TL (in my budget, TL2 or CL out) to my set up, mostly for travel and family. SL is not small, M9 is not for tele (135-200 light fixes FD Canon).

Is it a good idea?

Do TL still have problem with autoreview or it is fixed by firmware?

Other problems with TL or other thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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The T produces images on a par with the TL2 and CL, except that they are 16mp rather than 24mp.  With the software updates since inception it performs very nicely. AF is not as fast as the CL, but the camera is very, very usable!  The pre-owned T prices are really a bargain and the T will also give you the equivalent of a 1.5x for your full frame lenses. I much prefer the RAW images to the jpegs. (The jpegs on the CL are excellent, not so much for me on the T/TL2).

I've never had a problem with auto review. A simple swipe of the screen downwards.

Build is solid, body is beautiful.  

You will need to decide whether to also acquire the add on visoflex for manual focusing, rather than just relying upon the large rear screen.

Great camera!


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Agreed here. I have a T and a TL and the images are very similar for both. I really like the workflow. Be sure to get the Visoflex. The single best feature is that it tilts upward offering a Rolleflex style experience. It is also useful for those of us who don't see very well. They can be had for about 500.00 US which makes them one of the best deals out there for a genuine Leica body built in Wetzlar.



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