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  1. ropo54

    Still worth to buy S 006?

    My thoughts, as a complete amateur: in good lighting it is superb. So, studio work and outdoors and tripod. Maximum ISO is 1600, but really best used at no more than 800. Colors are superb. Prices in USA may well be less than $4K so they can be quite nice bargains. Make certain you find one with a replaced sensor, as there were problems and if Leica does not take care of it under warranty it is a $5K repair. I traded mine for a S 007, as it is much more versatile with better ISO performance. My old one is still available at Leica Miami and is absolutely pristine. Replaced sensor, light use, and extra batteries. Speak with Josh there. Rob
  2. One more with the T 18-56 on the SL: "Don't have a hisssssssy fit!"
  3. "Don't have a hissssssy fit!" . . . Museum of Science SL w T 18-56
  4. Traveling light @ the south Florida Museum of Science: SL601 with the T 18-56
  5. SL w T 18-56 . . . traveling light @ the south Florida Museum of Science
  6. ropo54

    Leica S Image thread

    October in south Florida. S007 w S120
  7. You noticed that, huh? Yes, first time in Poland this past summer. Fabulous trip and a wonderful place to visit. I'm singing the praises to many of my friends, most of whom are unaware of how nice it is. Rob
  8. TL2 w 11/23 Old synagogue in the Jewish Quarter in Krakow, Poland
  9. Rainy day in Wroclaw, Poland from this summer. TL2 w 11/23
  10. ropo54

    Leica S Image thread

    Thank you, Jacek. Another with the S120. Rob
  11. ropo54

    55-135 Focus noise

    Mine has a barely audible hum with a half depress of the shutter if trying to lock focus; otherwise it is silent. Rob
  12. I've owned both cameras, the TL2 (and T) and CL. RAW images from each of the cameras were quite similar, and otherwise excellent. However, that was not the case with the the jpegs, where the CL's were excellent and the TL's were not. Rob