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Fisheye distagon as cheap 30mm alternative on S


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Okay, so it sounds really stupid - but I'm seeing a few instances of the old Hasselblad 30mm Fisheye Distagon for pretty reasonable prices. If you look at the Zeiss MTF/distortion charts (https://www.zeiss.com/content/dam/Photography/new/pdf/en/downloadcenter/hasselblad_cf/f-distagon3-5_30mm_cf_104877_e.pdf), it actually doesn't show much fisheye effect in the center (out to 20mm, which is about all you need for an S-series). I'd never use it for architecture, but as a cheap wide-angle for landscape it seems fairly usable. Since I already have a V adapter (off-brand), the cost of entry is pretty low.


Anybody try it?



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It is a long time ago, but in my digital Canon days I used a 16 mm fisheye as a normal wideangle on the APS 10D, and it worked quite well with a little distortion correction in Photoshop. This should be similar.

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