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Camera for Live Gig


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So I've been shooting live gigs for a while...and so far my weapons of choice was a Canon 7D + Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 and my Leica Monochrom (for some artistic shots).

I love the Monochrom, the results are simply outstanding with a "wow" element to it. But is a really though one on live gigs and not always you get a lot of good shots especially when is dark and the subject is just running everywhere for the whole gig. The 7D struggle too quite often - sometime it gets me more frustrated than the Monochrom!!

Whilst the Monochrom will always be in my bag I feel like I would like to upgrade the 7D, mainly for the ISO performance and a bit of lag with the focus. Anyone in here would have any advice for me? I dont want to be caught in the 'buying more'...and I know my current setup is perfectly fine... but argh those sony A7 cameras seems so good!  The Sony A7s II definitely caught my attention especially for the 4K video which i can use for my everyday work (videos) and the 12 megapixels camera seems to be pretty tight....would it be good for live gigs though? Anyone in here's been using any Sony camera for concerts? Would love to hear some of your experience....





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