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Taylor Hobson Xenon 5cm f1.5

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the lenses wear the "Taylor-Hobson US Patent 2019985" or "Taylor-Hobson Brit.Pat. 373950" engraving as in export countries this company held the patents.

Leitz had a later patent for the same design.

here is a pict about a Summarit holding the engraving Taylor-Taylor & Hobson with USA Pat.


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Engraving is the only difference: the lenses are at all identical; the Taylor Hobson engraving was added to the lenses sold in countries (UK and USA, I seem) where Taylor Hobson Co. still retained the original patent of the design, which was "sold" to Schneider, which in turn allowed Leica to use the design for a 50 mm lens, being Schneider more interested to implement the Xenon design on large format lenses.


BTW, also the Summarit 1,5 (which is, in practice, a coated Xenon) exists in the version with Taylor Hobson engraving.

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