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Found 21 results

  1. I've set Adobe Camera Raw to apply lens profiles automatically when I load images from my Leica lenses, But I don't remember how I did it. Now I have a non-Leica camera and lens as well and would like ACR to automatically apply Adobe's lens profiles when I load those images. Can someone please remind me how to set ACR to do that? (And maybe tell me how to do the same in Lightroom, since I may soon be switching over to use that program?) Many thanks in advance!
  2. Many years ago I used Bridge and CR + PS for my photography. Then I moved exclusively to LR, unless I needed to do a composite, which I did in PS. Now I am reconsidering PS for the ability to do more complex selective adjustment layers. For example, selective curves, which LR cannot do. Also, PS now has some useful photography filters with liquify and all the focus/blur filters. But, Bridge seems a poor alternative to LR for cataloguing. I make extensive use of Collections in LR. I recently attended a photo workshop in Cuba. Very nice... Nearly all the participants were professional or very experienced non-pros. They all used Bridge and PS. However, none were knowledgable of LR too and couldn't tell me why. In fact, many said LR reduces all images to 8-bit not 16. Not true. Some also thought LR was destructive and PS isn't. Not true. So, like many, I am perplexed by Adobe's product mix with CC. What are your thoughts?
  3. Hi Everyone I wondered if anywone could quicky and simply explain to me the process for creating a photoshop action in PS6 for Windows - I realise that there must be masses of information on how to do this on the net but would appreciate a quick explanation so I can set up a simple action and perhaps a pointer to a resource so I can look into it further when I have time. What I want to do is: 1) Load a RAW image 2) Perform Auto Levels or Auto Contrast 3) Re-size to 1150 x 760 pixels 4) Save to Web and Devices Thanks in advance Robert
  4. Beim Ansehen verschiedener Bearbeitungsvarianten von Silver Efex als Plug-In in Photoshop erscheinen bei einigen Vorschauen an den Rändern unten und rechts merkwürdige Störungen. Teilweise bleiben diese Störungen auch auf den anschließend durchgeführten Entwicklungen bestehen und machen diese unbrauchbar, teilweise verschwinden sie bei der Weiterverarbeitung. Was könnte das sein und wie lässt sich das abstellen? Silver Efex Störungen 1-4
  5. ・ Professor's comment on photos of students at the Leica Gallery on Photokina 2016 at Cologne ・
  6. I would like to use a raw converter that I very much like (rpp) that unfortunately does not performs the lens corrections as encoded in the Q DNG files. I then take the converted files into Photoshop, so they still show the original distortion. Rather interesting to see of course, but not very useful. So what I am looking for is a Q lens correction profile for use in Photoshop. I assume that apart from barrel distortion and cropping some CA correction is applied, but I am not sure. I have searched the internet extensively but without results. Has anyone made or come across such a profile? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance !
  7. mnutzer

    "Where's my Coke?"

    "Where's my Coke?" ・ Leica IIIa syn ・ 'cron 50 coll. ・ AGFA-Scala ・ Nikon Coolscan ・ Vuescan LrPsCC ・ Academy fountain ・ Palace Park ・ Stuttgart ・ Germany ・ March 2016. ・
  8. Seit einigen Monaten raubt mir die Creative Cloud auf einigen Systemen den letzten Nerv. Sie sorgt im Hintergrund für eine irre Prozessorlast. Seit Monaten hoffe ich auf ein Update, das Abhilfe schafft. Aber es kommt nichts. Weiß hier jemand näheres? Kille ich die Prozesse, laufen die Systeme wieder wie es sich gehört.
  9. Hallo, liebe Leut', weiß jemand wie man eine gescannte Unterschrift mit Photoshop so bearbeitet, daß der Hintergrund transparent ist, ich also nur den Schriftzug auf oder unter ein Foto setzen kann, ohne daß das mitgescannte, weiße Blatt Papier zu sehen ist? Grüße an alle
  10. Liebe Leser! In Photoshop CS 6 würde ich gerne eine Kollage aus 3 Bildern (20 x 20 jeweils) erstellen und habe mir dazu ein neues Dokument 60 x 20 erstellt. Trotz aller Tricks und Einstellung der Bildgröße auf meinen gewünschten Wert gelingt es mir nicht, die 3 Bilder nebeneinander zu einer Kollage zu vereinen, d.h. sie überlappen sich teilweise extrem, obwohl, wie gesagt, korrekt formatiert. Habt Ihr eine Idee? Außerdem werde ich bei ca. jedem 3. Aufruf von CS 6 angemault, ich solle mein Produkt lizensieren, was ich gefühlt schon 100mal gemacht habe. Kennt Ihr das auch? Vielen Dank für Eure Antworten, Nikolaus
  11. I saw this picture at a flea market and the face expression attracted me. That's why I asked the dealer if it would be a painting or a print. She replied that it had been common in the early 20th century to combine photographic portraits of people with painted clothes and painted backgrounds. With this form of collage portrayed persons could transform themselves in the characters they wanted to be - or into the persons people would like to see. More images via timelog 17061215
  12. I realy neet help, even if it is not only focused on Leica jpeg files As from this monday nobody can read my jpg files any more, after I have saved them with my Photoshop CS 5. I don´t understand this, es there where never problem sice I have my Photoshop CS5. The files can not be opened on PC, iPhone or another Imac. I am thankfull for any help best regards Harald LUDWIG
  13. Do you guys think it would be possible to correct the problem that leads us to use UV IR filters in photoshop? I guess it should be. This would result in sparing some money and some problems too. We've all shot images at night and those filters are quite annoying with their reflections...
  14. Has anyone published a lens profile for Adobe LightRoom and/or Photoshop CS5?
  15. I already have Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 and have been using it with my M9 images so far. Should I download the PS/LR software with the Leica license now or wait until I need to add it to another computer? Does the Leica license give you free upgrades to a CS 6 when it is released or will I be paying for an upgrade? Is there M9 specific software that comes with this download. I sent a request to Leica a week ago, but they are slow getting back to me.
  16. Am 30.11. habe ich mir meine V-Lux 2 gekauft und kurz darauf PSE 8.0 herunter geladen, weil es dazu gehört, wurde aber gleich nach der Serien-Nr. gefragt. Da ich Sie nicht zur Hand hatte, bin ich erst mal nur als Test-Kunde für 4 Wochen registriert. Mittlerweile weiß ich, dass die Kombination aus Serial-N. und TAN der Kamera gebraucht wird, habe ich auch zur Hand, aber: Beim Versuch, mich zu registrieren wird immer nur die lange Adobe PSE Serial.No. abgefragt. Wie komme ich an die ran? Wer kann mir helfen? Vielen Dank und immer scharfe Bilder wünscht F.M.
  17. Last night I was reading an interview with Henri Cartier Bresson. It appeared in Leica Fotografie Number 4 /1964. He said: "I never crop a photograph. If it needs to be cropped I know it's bad and that nothing could possibly improve it. The only improvement would have been to take another picture, at the right place, at the right time". There was also an article entitled "Has Black-and-White a Future?" But I digress. The ease of cropping in Photoshop makes it so tempting I confess I do crop, especially my (non-Leica) wildlife shots. What do other photographers do? Do you share Cartier-Bresson's purist approach or have we simply moved on? Andrew
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