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  • Voigtlander 35 mm F1.5 Nokton Aspherical

    NOKTON-35mm-F15-I-matt.pngThe world of rangefinder lenses welcomes yet another masterpiece with the introduction of the NOKTON Vintage Line 35mm F1.5 Aspherical by Voigtlander. Exclusively designed for the full-size chip VM mount, this lens stands out by blending three prime attributes: compactness, stellar optical performance, and a generous aperture.

    The Golden Standard of 35mm Lenses

    The 35mm focal length has been the gold standard for rangefinder cameras, owing to its versatility and perspective. In their pursuit of crafting the ultimate 35mm lens, Voigtlander offers an impressive array of five different 35mm VM lenses. The NOKTON Vintage Line 35mm F1.5 Aspherical emerges as the embodiment of these efforts, combining the best features in a harmonious blend.

    Design & Performance

    Linsenschnitt_NOKTON-35mm-f15-VM-Typ-1.pngDespite its large aperture, this lens surprises with a filter diameter of just φ39mm and a concise overall length of 36mm. This lends the lens a compact portability, perfect for photographers on the move. Housed within a modern classic design, the lens employs a 6-group, 9-element optical system, enhanced by two double-sided aspheric lenses. This setup ensures peerless optical performance across all aperture ranges.

    Variety in Build and Finish

    The NOKTON Vintage Line 35mm F1.5 Aspherical is available in two distinct styles:

    • Type I: Crafted from aluminum, it weighs a mere 188g, prioritizing lightweight mobility.
    • Type II: Made from brass, it has a weighty 284g feel, radiating durability and robustness. This type is available in both classic black and sleek silver finishes.

    Compatibility and Adaptability

    NOKTON-35mm-F15-II-VM-collage.pngDesigned primarily for rangefinder-linked digital and film cameras, its versatility extends to compatibility with Sony E-mount, Fujifilm X-mount, and Nikon Z-mount digital cameras, courtesy of the Voigtlander mount adapter. An optional addition of the hoods LH-4N with slits or the classic styled LH-12 further enhances the user experience.

    Key Features at a Glance:

    • Retro styling with a modern twist
    • Double-sided aspheric lenses ensuring top-notch optical results
    • All-metal lens barrel, emphasizing rigidity and durability
    • Reliable manual focus
    • VM mount with a bayonet type setup
    • Precise rangefinder linkage mechanism
    • A close focusing distance of 0.5m
    • Exquisite bokeh delivered by 12 aperture blades

    In summation, the Voigtlander 35 mm F1.5 Nokton Aspherical sets a new benchmark for semi-wide-angle lenses, presenting an unparalleled combination of design, performance, and versatility.

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