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  • Voigtlander 28 mm F2.0 Ultron Aspherical

    28mmTYPE-I_klein.jpgThe Voigtlander 28 mm F2.0 Ultron Aspherical VM lens brings together Voigtlander's historic legacy with the demands of modern imaging. Offering two unique design variants and a plethora of features, this lens is a favorite among both classic aficionados and contemporary photographers.

    Design & Variants

    The lens has been revamped from its predecessor to offer a more compact and lightweight design. Voigtlander now presents two design options: Type I and Type II. Type I, available in both chromatic and matte black finishes, features a delicate focusing lever and will appeal to those who appreciate a traditional appearance. On the other hand, Type II, available in monochrome shades of silver or black, comes with a pronounced grip recess that ensures swift and intuitive focusing.

    Technical Excellence

    lens-construction_Ultron_28mm_F2.jpgRegardless of the design variant, the inner mechanics remain consistent. Comprising 10 lens elements in 7 groups, one of which features an aspherical surface, the Voigtlander 28 mm F2.0 Ultron ensures impeccable sharpness. Its performance has been enhanced compared to its predecessor, and it is adapted to meet the demands of modern image sensors.

    Versatility in Photography

    Offering diverse possibilities, the Voigtlander 28 mm F2.0 Ultron stands out even in challenging lighting conditions. Its ten aperture blades contribute to an exceptionally pleasing and smooth bokeh transition, turning every capture into an artwork.

    Portability and Comfort

    28_20_ultron_collage.pngDespite its myriad of features, the lens remains a lightweight companion in your photography journey. With Type I weighing just 190g and Type II at 230g, this lens ensures you're always ready to capture those special moments without feeling weighed down.


    While it's optimized for Leica M-cameras, this lens doesn't limit its potential. It's also compatible with Fuji X-cameras, Sony E-models, and Nikon Z-models, thanks to Voigtlander's compatible Nah+ system adapters.



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