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Going out with wannabe X1 today


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Prices of M8 not crashing here in the UK, they seem to be down about 10-12% from August and stable across dealers selling used ones. There doesn't seem to be a massive abundance of them for sale either from what I've noticed and I've been watching. What's your definition of crashing? Ffordes is selling used M8s from £1900 to £2295, Red Dot is selling them at £1800 which is down a bit from summer time. Aperture just sold one at £1500 down from £1900 in hte summer but I don't know the condition it was it in.

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My M8 with my Elmarit 28-asph mounted. Not that much bigger and with the way M8 prices are crashing, not that much more expensive...




Louis, your rig is a great setup - no argument. I would like one like this also.


But, I am game - I think the IQ on the X1 will be a bit better, not dramatically but better than the M8/Elmarit. The M8 will retain the appeal of interchangable lenses and wont really be worth moving "down" to an X1.


The matched, fixed single focal length lens added to the fact that Lecia will have learnt a lot about digital image processing and technology improvements with sensors and chips will mean better IQ from the X1. :rolleyes:


In the end the IQ will be subjective and who cares if the M8 produces great results?!

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I was being purposely provocative. For what it is worth, if the Elmarit 24 on the X1 approaches the same qualities as the M Elmarit 24 then it will be a very good optic indeed. One also has to factor in that the sensor may be equal to or better than the current M8 sensor. I'll be looking at the IQ very carefully as soon as there are examples posted in the forum.



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