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M8 - M9 image differences


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Using same lens, what differences would I see an two identical A4 images between M8 and M9 ? If any !


Well, what John says is true :-|


However to answer what you probably mean, I suspect that at A4 size you may not see much difference since a 10 megapixel file will probably print very well at A4 size. You would have to print at A3 or A2 to begin to fall below the ability of a good printer (at which point presumably you would notice a drop in resolution). I have to say that I have never printed anything larger than A3 and I've been very happy with the quality produced by the M8's files. There have been times however when I've had to or wanted to crop the image and then the resulting smaller file starts looking as if it could have been better.


The M9 has a higher pixel count and I think in such situations this would be a benefit. Assuming you are not cropping to make up for a relative loss of telephoto length or not having the right lens because your lenses have been collected to suit the M8 crop factor.


Also, the M9 reportedly ahs better noise handling and so on so that will count as well.


- Vikas

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I presume you mean that you will frame the images the same. In that case, the M9 will see a bit more softness in the corners of lenses which aren't top-notch, and it will have less depth of field too. The differences will be quite subtle though. I suspect that in an A4 you won't see much difference, other than possibly dynamic range.

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In addition to what Carsten says: If you "frame the images the same," that means you will have to change your standpoint since the same lens sees a different area on the two cameras.


And when you change your standpoint, you change perspective, which means the two images can't be the same.


M9 image might be slightly better than M8, but hardly noticeable in most circumstances.


Folks here could give more direct answers if the question were phrased differently

--shooting same shot (portrait, say) from same distance?

--shooting same coverage (portrait, say), from different distance?

In neither case will the images be "identical."


In the first case, you could replicate the M8's coverage by pulling just the center of the M9 image. That would mean fewer pixels. Even then, the M9's color matrix is different from the M8's.


So the answer is either

1) No difference to speak of; or

2) Let's get very technical.



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