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Live Music - Jazz


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Your processing breathes life and originality into these photos. The first 3 are the strongest. Very well presented. What did you do?


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Thanks for the early comments! Yes I am excited by the results too.

I am a new adopter of digital technology so still getting to grips with it.


However, my method:


These were shot about a year ago, so all Leica MP + 35mm f2 (4th).

Cheap colour film, pushed 1 stop.


Scanned with an old CanoScan LiDE 80, from the negative at 2400 DPI.

Then imported into Aperture.

Bizarrely I found that Silver Efex Pro worked really well, I simply toned the images.


I was working to the brief set by the singer.

He wanted a 'bluenote' feel to the images.


They are heavily cropped images, picking out the fine details, although the last two are pretty much full frame.


I am creating his album cover from a selection of two rolls I shot at the jazz club, scanning is a pain, I can't believe it use to take SO long, I am a full M8 convert!


Although, the results I have achieved here are simply not possible via the M8, although I will be trying in a few weeks time! Results obtained will be posted up here for all to see and comment upon.


Thanks again!

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Shiva, your shots got me thinking, and now knowing they're from film, I'm guessing the following might be a good shot at similar results with the M8:


1. set the ISO to 1250, which is the highest possible working maximum for the sensor


2. shoot as exposed via a white card in the lighting anticipated


3. process with attention to the noise reduction filters, and sharpening functions, both which can be used to good effect to enhance noise to 'grain'




as above, but shoot at say ISO640to underexpose, or 1250 but underexpose and follow on.... by drawing up from shadow detail, noise/grain can be enhanced, similar to pushing film.

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