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My new Leica M8.2

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I bought a Leica M8.2 and 35mm F2 Summicron lens a couple of months ago, and have been coming to terms with it. I thought I'd de-lurk and say hello.


Previously I've used a Canon G9, and before that an assortment of point and shoot digital cameras, Canon G6, Canon A80 and the like. So the M8.2 is a fairly substantial upgrade. I did borrow a Canon DSLR, nice though it was, it didn't suit my way of taking pictures.


I grew up using my dad's Fed 4 camera, which is a Russian (made in the USSR, mid 1970's, I think) Rangefinder camera, so the principles of use came fairly easily.


When showing it people, I get it out of the bag lens first, with the inevitable reaction "Oh, he's bought an old camera", followed by bafflement when they see the back is very pleasing. The price has caused shock and awe, and the inevitable "but you could of bought a car" comment. But I don't care.


I bought this camera to use, and to start I've put a few photos here: Leica M8.2 - a set on Flickr I hope they cut the mustard.


Its a wonderful camera, I definitely feel above the DSLR crowd when using it. :D



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Welcome on board.

You'll enjoy both your camera and the friends on the forum.

I look forward to se some of your pictures posted here.

By the way, I've really enjoyed your cats pictures.

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I definitely feel above the DSLR crowd when using it...


Hi Karl


Congrats on the camera. Do your best to do it justice!

Don't forget that a camera - any camera - is just a tool to capture images. Many people out there using pinhole boxes to make images that would put most of our collective efforts to shame.



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