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Zeiss ZM 35 f/2 on M8 - cornerfix or hand coding?


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Yes, including painting the pits; Don "took care of" this by sending it to John. :) I thought it unnecessary to say so...


But indeed one material consequence is that the screw head at pit #5 does not get any black paint. So that particular coding pit's black area is smaller than others, and on one of my lenses I think the bit of bright screw head is confusing the coding sensor, as the lens is not recognized. Had Don done the pit painting after reassembly, I suppose he would have painted the appropriate bit of the screw head as well. I plan to take the lens to a nail salon for a touch-up.


Yes, you should be able to touch that up yourself pretty easily.





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Yes, you should be able to touch that up yourself pretty easily.
Thanks, yes, I just paid a short visit to Fancy Nails and they let me apply some black nail polish to the screw heads of both the 35 Biogon ZM and 18mm Distagon ZM. The coding on the 35 works fine but the 18 still is not recognized.


And I was mistaken about there being no paint on the screw heads... there WAS a little black paint on the screw heads but the black area was still smaller than in the other pits.

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