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C-Lux 3 & imprinting dates on photos


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Is it possible to have the C-Lux3 imprint dates on photos automatically? The instructions that came with the camera take you through about 5 steps to print a date on a photo, and you have to do this for each photo seperately. The camera then seems to create a duplicate photo on the memory card, albeit with a date on it. This is so time-consuming!


My wife (for whom the camera was purchased) is fixated on putting dates on her photos--every last one of them, no exceptions. When she finds out that the pricey camera I bought for her doesn't automatically add a date on each photo (like her old Canon did), I will be in deep deep trouble. :eek:


Does anyone know how to set the C-Lux3 so it always dates photos?

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If it is like the C-Lux 2 then the answer is no. I bought my nephew a CL2 and they just gave it back to me over Thanksgiving. There is a way to brand multiple pictures at once, but the camera does not retain the command.


I bought a Nikon 6000 and gave it to my nephew and his wife. They are much happier with it.



Carlos Marques

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I have just tried and with Irfanview (freeware) you can time/date stamp all your pictures in a batch process. You can tweak the text to your hearts content (size, font, color, location) also adding brand of camera, focal length, bascically anything that is available in the Exif.


See random example below:

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