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The parking lot


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Thank you for comments.


David, I've been using it very little so far and i still have to understand this new Ultron 28 and the way it behaves. But it seems to me that for the price it is sold it's an astounding performer. I will try to use it extensively in a very short time. I love the mechanics of this lens that is quite smooth and pleasant. Did you read Sean Reid's review on it?


Frans, you're right, i love to play toy cars with my son. The problem is you have a lot of accidents since he loves driving very fast... :D

My preferred one is obviously the 1960 Porsche.

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I see your car in the shot. great shot, but I guess the interesting thing is that we are now playing "parking lot" rather than streets for driving, much like reality in Los Angeles. (one of my favorite shot from Italy in nemi south of Rome was a No parking sign with cars parked in 3 layers in front of it.

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