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Sharpest lens for M10M landscapes


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I thought the whole Leica ethos and reason for the wallet wringing prices is that all the modern designed lenses are about as optically perfect as you can get ..... within the constraints of compactness for 35mm and a RF camera.

As has been pointed out ...... for landscape you invariably want good DOF so you will be using lenses at apertures that are their optical best anyway. 

Apart from the extreme edges wide open in the faster lenses and the effects of diffraction when fully stopped down I don't think you will find any Leica lenses will disappoint. 

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The current setup I have are the voigtlander 21mm f1.8, pc-super-angulon-r 28mm f2.8 shift lens and 11874 summilux 35mm f1.4. 

For telephoto the recommendation are AA90mm and R APO180MM f2.8 for traveling telephoto lenses.

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