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Which exposure metering mode are you using for Q2?

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 I use center-weighted because I find it to be the most reliable.  Multi field (or the equivalent on other cameras I have owned) seldom produces what I want from the camera.  But as suggested, take pics using the various modes and decide on what works for you.  

With digital, "expose for the highlights," as we did with slide film, works best for me.

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On 3/29/2023 at 3:17 PM, bobtodrick said:

I know some of you may laugh, but when shooting landscapes me metering method is Pentax Spotmeter 😂

Not at all. Those of us who have been shooting for over 30 years, and trained in all ways photographic, use spot-meters, handheld light meters, zone system, sunny 16, and at times, knowing our cameras so well that we can set them, in a couple of seconds, without any histogram or meter.  I've never used a histogram and have never disappointed myself, or any client, with photos that were anything other than properly exposed - across the entire dynamic range.  Remember, we've been doing photography (including digital) far longer than we've had histograms or LCD screens. 

To the OP: the reason there are several metering modes is because no one works for all situations.  Experiment and you'll know which one to select for each different shooting/lighting situation. 

AlexKirk was correct as there NEVER is one way or one correct answer "Even without histogram we can get properly exposured photo looking in EVF/monitor and adjusting the exposure using the wheel…regardless the metering mode we use.  We are in digital photography era now and can use WYSWYG digital cameras advantage when we are able to evaluate the exposure BEFORE taking picture." 

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