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The battle of the copies (Mitakon VS TT-Artisans)


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Hello Everyone,

As the Notcilux copies keep coming out I was wondering if there was someone here that has had both. 

Of course no lens will ever compare to the 0.95 Noctilux (maybe the Nikon Nocti but that "thing" is bigger than my car). I was wondering if any of you has ever comapred it. 


The Mitakon seems to have a very nice offering has they have been around for a while on other system and could be a farily good comeptitor. 

The TT-artisans, has an ASPH element and although more chubby also seems to perform fairly well for the price.


So please, share you experience with these lenses :)

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I don't have either, but there are thorough tests of both lenses at Phillip Reeve's site done by Bastian Kratzke (member of this forum: BastianK) on both Sony and Leica M cameras:



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