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alan mcfall

"Chico" in a Red Case

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The mid 1950's were a time of exponential growth in flash photography.  From 1954 to 1959, Leitz offered, in addition to the CEYOO and the Braun Hobby, the compact "CHICO" flash attachment. 

See next photo:

In all catalogs from 1954 to 1959, the basic outfits were:

DEOOC-DFHOO    The battery/capacitor/fan unit and hodler for using the Camera IIF or IIIF, no, cord necessary.

DEOOC-DFOOB    The battery/capacitor/fan unit and holder for other cameras including the,M3, cord required.


All other parts were ordered individually, including the holders, a variety of cords, battery, and a plastic box to carry everything, (DHMOO).

It is rare to see a Chico without the clear plastic box ( 9x7x5cm) with the art deco flash ray for the "i" in Chico.  Everybody must have wanted the box.  Usually, I never sought this accessory, but to get a camera or lens, I had to take the whole outfit. The above photo shows a few Chico's with a single red plastic box  I think the red plastic box is uncommon, but hope for input by forum members.

The next photo shows the two available holders.

  On the left is the DFHOO with the socket for direct connection to the IIF and IIIF, not for the IIIG.

On the right is the DFOOB without electrical wiring for other cameras including the M3.  A cable was necessary from the camera to the back of the flash unit.  The flash socket of the M3 is slightly father and lower from the shoe.  For years, I thought there might be a direct connect holder for the M3, but it does not seem so, unless a  prototype is somewhere.

Finally a shot of the IF with the DFOOB.  A step-up shoe is needed for other cameras.

Does; anyone else have the red box?  Thanks



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