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Here's one we prepared earlier...


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A year or so before the Boston Lodge Carriage Works built the Parlor Car Carrabasset (see separate thread) it turned out an exact replica of a 1903 Pickering brake composite carriage for the 2'6" gauge Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway in the Welsh marches.

The following sequence shows:

1. The completed car being prepared for loading in the FR's Minffordd Yard - because of the difference in gauge (the FR is 2' gauge) the car had to be moved to the loading area on accommodation bogies and then jacked up for its permanent bogies to be fitted - this shot shows it after the switch, standing on temporary track.

2. Some of the workshop personnel who built it... The young guy at the right is an expert carpenter and coach painter, the three in the centre are from the mechanical dept., responsible for building the steel underframe, bogies, railings, etc. and the one on the left is one of the carriage-building team.

3. All of the lining, lettering, crests and garter arms on this vehicle were hand painted...

4. Genuine gold leaf was also specified for the gold areas... All of the paint is applied by brush and each coat is flatted down by hand before the next is applied, in the traditional coach painting fashion.


All photos taken with a Digilux-2

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Guest lykoudos

Hello John,


Thank you for this wonderful view of the railway romance. With us in Karlsruhe such beautiful courses drive by the Black Forest on certain weekend.




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