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MM/M9 file naming


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I wanted to make sure I'm not misreading the instruction manual, but am I correct that there isn't a way to get the prefixes on the file names for the MM and the M9 to be different?


Since both start as L100xxxx.DNG, the file names are conflicting, or can be.


Not a huge deal, I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing an opportunity.



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There are several threads on this .... this is the simplest solution.... basically format a card as usual, take a picture


Access it from your computer


In DCIM you will have a folder 100LEICA with an image L1000XXX or whatever.


Rename the image L2000XXX ... or whatever start no. you want.


Rename the folder 200LEICA


Stick back in camera.


All subsequent images will be numbered accordingly and can be distinguished from your old M9 images with no number conflicts (until you get past 999,999)


You will have to keep seperate cards for each camera though.....


I tend to order my images in Aperture/LR but date so they all appear together :)

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Well, there is a way ... sort of.


You can always change the folder name in one of your cameras from the default name "100" to, say, "500". After 9,999 frames, the camera automatically will switch to the next folder name which would be "101" or "501", respectively. So using this method, you're gonna run into conflicting file names after, uh, 4,999,500 frames :cool:


However, make sure you keep your memory cards separate for each camera, or this method won't work.

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Thanks. If I do this does that assume I never reformat the card or is that preserved after a reformat?




Never mind. I answered my own question. It persists across a reformat.

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Answered it for myself.
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