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Found 19 results

  1. This is the San Juan gate... the old city is walled and the gate was, in the days of the Spanish, the principle ceremonial entry way by water into the city. M8, 12mm CV Thanks for looking.
  2. This is another version of the San Juan Gate... its taken inside the massive gate looking out towards the bay... blown of course. The first version was posted a couple of days ago. M8 CV12 Thanks for looking and commenting.
  3. The Raíces Fountain of Old San Juan is one of the most photographed monuments in this well photographed city. It commemorates the mixture of the races that have created the creole culture of this island, Puerto Rico. One of the problems of photographing the monument is the relative complexity of its venue and the fact that it is so well photographed it it difficult to obtain a fresh take. You can easily google the monument to see other images if you like. Many thanks for looking and especially for your comments. M8 CV 12.
  4. There are some places in the old city of San Juan where it seems as if time has stopped. Its a very old city by Western Hemisphere standards but most of the streets are stocked with 19 century architecture. One such spot is the end of Calle de Sol where it makes a 90 degree turn down to the bay side fortifications. So I thought I'd go with that sense and give the image a faded look. Thanks for looking and commenting. M8 28 2.8
  5. In the traditional style of Spanish colonial fortifications, the forts and city walls of San Juan are studded with strategically placed garita or sentry boxes. Here is my take on one of these often photographed icons of the city. Oh the garita is also featured on the US 25 cent quarter... coined in honor of Puerto Rico. Thanks for looking and especially for your comments. M8 28 2.8 Elmarit
  6. The antique lighting, made in Madrid, is a feature on the Paso de la Princesa which is a grand promenade fronting on San Juan Bay. D-Lux3 Thanks for looking and especially for your comments.
  7. This image was made recently in San Juan in the Plaza des Armas. Its a Honda Shadow... a mid sized cruiser bike about 750cc, comfortable to ride with a great sound. A thousand years ago... I owned a Honda bike. Riding it felt like flying. Just you and the wind and the sound of the motor. It felt like... freedom. Occasionally I see one of these machines, which are actually beautiful and it comes back. I have seen this particular bike several times. This time I had my camera. M8 50MM Pre-Lux, wide open. Thanks for looking.
  8. This past Friday morning a massive explosion occurred in an oil storage facility on San Juan Bay across from the old city of San Juan. For several days while fire fighters from around the Isla battled the blaze roads and sea traffic were curtailed. A massive plume of toxic oil smoke fortunately was blown out to sea however residents were cautioned to remain indoors during our daily afternoon rains. Buildings in the vicinity of the blast had windows and doors blown in. Fortunately no deaths or serious injuries were reported. No word about causes although most here believe it was acciden
  9. tollie

    Musica Tipica

    This Sunday I went to the 42ed annual Festival del Cuatro Puertorriqueno in San Juan. Its a celebration of the musical tradition on the island and features players from all parts of the isla using locally made stringed instruments. One of the performers agreed to a portrait before she went on stage. In a monochrome state of mind I shot my M9 in jpg/BW mode. 50mm pre asph summilux Thanks for looking and for comments.
  10. tollie

    In the Fountain

    Children amazed and delighted with the water jets in the 500 Year Fountain. It reminds me of being a child in NYC during the summer and delighting in the open fire hydrant. Thanks for looking and and comments. M9 50 pre-asph summilux [ATTACH]318043[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]318044[/ATTACH]
  11. I liked the movement and the relationship between the statue and the mother and child... all with a background of sparkle. Harsh mid-day light. Many thanks for looking and especially your comments. M9 50mm pre-asph summilux
  12. Actually this is not a place of confinement but a barracks space that Spanish troops manning the fortification at El Moro, which defends San Juan harbor used during the 18th century. It does at this point look foreboding... not a place I'd like to spend any time in. I was looking for the light and its play rather than the iconic aspects of this monument. I played with split toning sepia and selenium... I'm not sure about the effect. Many thanks for looking and especially for your comment. Shot with M9 and 35mm CV f1.2
  13. The old Spanish barracks in San Juan is a large square three story masonry structure. In the past it has served the purposes of war, and later as a hospital. Now it is a center for cultural activities including a museum and music foundation. The structure, especially in the external hall galleries and the stairwells shadows light and presents many repeating and simple geometries. This weekend I was working with flash... something I almost never do when looking for landscape. I made a rough snoot and played with the light from the flash and the natural light in the stairwell of the old
  14. Night, a building undergoing renovation. I looked thru a pane of glass and saw this... it was the light falling on the reflective surfaces and pooling on the floor that caught my eye. I was exercising my little used 135mm. I shot this wide open at f4.0 with iso 2500... 1/125. With this lens I have trouble hand holding at speeds much slower... so a bit of noise and a dof shallower than I might have preferred. With this jpg the blacks are a bit more blocked then they appear on my computer. Many thanks for looking and for any comments you may have.
  15. We regularly have friendly warships call at the port of San Juan. This photograph shows the Dutch frigate Van Amstel exiting San Juan Bay. This ship has had repeated deployments to the Caribbean. Thanks for looking. Todd
  16. While on a walk about I came upon a tree in San Juan which had about 10 of these fellows on it. This caterpillar is the larval stage of a pretty large but undistinguished moth. The caterpillar however is amazing... this one was about 6 inches long... they look very fierce but apparently only filled with toxin to taste poorly to birds. They had stripped the tree bare. Thanks for looking.
  17. This is a long exposure 90 sec... made looking down on a small pier by the San Juan Gate. Many thanks for looking and for your comments.
  18. I have been looking for ways to simplify some of the urban clutter (aka charm) in the old city of San Juan. I have seen this series of lamps many times; but on this occasion, I saw what I needed. Many thanks for looking and especially your comments.
  19. This image of the monument commemorating the 500 years since the arrival of Columbus to the Isla is marked by an enormous totem. As the site was being excavated a large cash of pottery shards was uncovered indicating that the area was one of important pre-colombian habitation. The shards were incorporated into the totem rising over the site. It is a mark of some distinction that while Puerto Rico is a Spanish country in culture... that culture is built on a creole mix of European, Indian and African influences. This image was shot as a four image vertical pano... with a 50 mm lens. Man
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