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  • Voigtlander 50 mm F1.5 Heliar classic

    HELIAR-C-50_15_2_klein.jpgFor those looking to swim against the tide of high-resolution, razor-sharp lenses comes a breath of fresh air: the Heliar Classic 50mm F1.5 VM. As a proud representative of Voigtlander's commitment to creative artistry, this lens promises results that truly stand out.

    Revisiting the Classic Charm

    The lens is a calculated response to today's performance-centric lenses. Through intentional aberrations, it brings forth images reminiscent of a bygone era at its open aperture. Its configuration, mimicking the original heliartype with six lenses in three groups, paints a picturesque and velvety canvas, especially notable at F1.5 aperture.

    Bokeh & Aberration: A Deliberate Craft

    When you operate at F1.5, the bokeh effect shines, with spherical and comatic aberrations gracing the image edges—effects often challenging to replicate digitally. However, as you reduce the aperture, by F4, the Heliar starts showcasing a largely distortion-neutral demeanor.

    Creative Freedom with Atmospheric Results

    This lens is a celebration of creative freedom, allowing photographers to embrace a distinct visual signature. Its single coating augments the lens's charisma, especially in backlit situations, painting a warm, soft, and analog image effect.

    Exquisite Build and Design

    Lens-construction-Heliar-Classic50mm_F1.jpgThe lens barrel, carved out of aluminum, speaks volumes about its durability, while the brass-made focusing and aperture rings flaunt a fine diamond pattern, making it an aesthetic masterpiece. And not just that, the close-up limit stands at 50 cm, and the lens comes with a high-precision rangefinder coupling and a protective lens hood.

    Embrace the Aberrations

    The Heliar Classic 50mm F1.5 VM is a proud creative tool, designed exclusively for the Leica M mount. Beyond just a lens, it's a statement against mainstream perfectionism, beckoning artists and photographers who yearn for a unique touch. And with adapters, its magic can extend to Sony E-mount, Fujifilm X-mount, and Nikon Z-mount cameras.


    In a world chasing pixel perfection, the Voigtlander 50 mm F1.5 Heliar Classic VM offers a refreshing reprieve. Embrace the classic, the nostalgic, and the artistry with this masterfully crafted lens.

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